Worst results of overspending and impulse buying witnessed in holiday season – try to pay monthly bills

You are again on the same footnote with upcoming holiday season which demands only one thing – money. I have been privileged to poor life circumstances when holiday become the root cause for your increasing debt or crossing the credit card limit. Either of these conditions is not going to help you in any way because you will have to go in a different direction. So, what does your holiday ask for this season? Are you interested in a new and refreshing home decor? Or, are you planning to travel to a distinct location with family? It does not matter what holiday plan you have this year, you certainly have to seek for added financial support which can ruin the future economic stability in your family!


How holiday seasons break your bank balance?

It was I think the last holiday season and the shopping destinations were casting a different impression on my wallet which required some ill-management on my side. Although I was very well prepared to invest wisely that season, I couldn’t stop myself because of, you may say, impulse buying that was stuck with me like my heart. My ex-husband was also interested and planning to buy some latest gadgets which I couldn’t dare to reject – the greatest mistake of mine for the previous holiday season! As soon as I walked across the market lanes, various banners and huge advertisement billboards captivated our attention, ready to grab our money. Since we were not sure how to develop more funds for added substances like home decor, grocery items, gift wrapping and of course; increased burden of jewelry buying; I was supposed to dig my head from where the real debt scenario began.

I really wanted to write this post to warn some of my closest friends and common people who often are flown into holiday splurges related to different items on sale. See, last-minute spending habits can simply break your bank balance because you have the greatest financial weapon – credit card! So, what does this item cost? Just swipe your credit card and bring it to your home.

Are you compromising with your regular home bills?

It has been concluded in the latest research done on holiday season spending habits that people never mind spending thousands of dollars on useless offers and things in just a flash of second. Holiday season demands more cautiousness and sincerity if you on a tour to market for testing the buying power. Well, you cannot compromise thus; with the regular monthly bills related to grocery, cable, newspaper and other home utilities that continue to strike you every now and then. What people ignore here is the significance of holiday season and they just go on buying things for travel, entertainment, decorations and gift items which ruins the financial stability of several families. There is no shadow of suspicion that you will have to keep your eyes on very essential necessities of your life which corresponds to taxes, rents, food stuffs and of course; bills for grocery, news and other items that should be paid first.

How people reject their monthly bills? Is it an impulse or compulsion?

In fact, people ignore the monthly bills because of their overspending habits and contribution of impulse buying in this field cannot be avoided at the first sight. When you go to the local shop or store, you are swiped away by plethora of offers and discounts on dream items like plasma TV, latest smartphone, designer apparels and accessories without which your life is not going to end today. Why don’t you understand this universal fact? Aping towards the worldly and futile items will simply exploit your finances at the fullest and you will then pinched by increasing debt.

Have you any idea how it feels to be indebted? Does your credit card limit or rating pinches in night? December is the month of endless spending through easily available credit cards but, don’t forget to pay for monthly bills. Share your experiences and feelings as comments on my FB, Twitter, G+ or any other social media profile page!

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