What to do with your unwanted gifts?

Many times it happens on special occasions that you receive the kind of gifts you don’t like. Many of the gifts you received last year might have not been used by you even for a single time for example a book that you have never read, electronics which are not of your interest and T shirts that don’t fit to you. So, you might have been looking for wonderful tips to get rid of those unwanted gifts. Well, check out the list of awesome ideas described below –

Unwanted gifts? Re purpose...

Unwanted gifts? Re purpose…

Repurpose the gift

If you have lots of imagination in your mind and you always look for something typical to make it awesome, fill in ideas to your unwanted gifts right now. Planning a white elephant party is a good idea where you can invite your friends for swapping your gifts or repurposing gifts with more or less creativity. For instance, if you are unable to wear a gifted dress because it does not fit on you, then gifting it to someone whom the dress will fit is definitely a good idea, in this way you can minimize the cost on Gifting purpose. Similarly, you can change those books you don’t want to read with some other interesting books from your friends.


Another good option to avoid clutter of gifts you don’t want to use is regifting. You can regift an item which is not useful for you to a person who don’t know about the original gift giver or to a friend which is not in common with the gift giver. Remember, that a monogrammed or personalized gift item should not be used for regifting. Also, don’t forget to renew the packing and checking the item well for any kind of damage and defect earlier than you regift it to someone else.

Return gift

Gifts that you are not interested to keep can be used as return gift. For instance, if you get lovely showpieces as gift items and you don’t have enough space in your cabinet to display them, you can simply use those items as return gifts in your birthday party. The only thing to keep on mind is not to return the gift to the same person who sent you that gift.

Exchange the gift in shop

One of the most positive things you can do with your uninteresting gifts is to exchange them for another item in the shop from where they have been purchased. If the gift giver has attached the gift receipt with the item, it becomes easier for you to exchange the gift still if you don’t find the receipt, the shop owners don’t mind to change the gift as per your choice. Prefer visiting to the store at lesser busy hours and as soon as possible after receiving the gift.

Sell or donate

Selling is also one of the best ideas for items which are of no use for you. Online selling is good ways among all as you won’t have to go out for selling the item. Many good selling sites are ready in internet to offer you the chance of selling your goods easily. Just secure the tags on the item to get good price. If you don’t want to sell the products, then the best available option is to consider donating the same to people who are needy.

Organizing yard sale

If you want to keep your house clean and secure those unwanted gifts from becoming clutters, you need nothing but to organize a yard sale. This is the perfect idea to turn your clutter into cash as well as to keep free space in home clean. Through very little efforts, you can get rid of those gift items ending up making good amount of money.

So, these are some nice ways to repurpose your unnecessary gifts. Hope, you loved one or more of them.

I am sure that I am not the first person who has come up with some exclusive ideas of repurposing the unwanted gifts. And in this article I have been able to cover only few ways and I am pretty much sure that there are many other exclusive ways which I have missed out. I will be glad to know your innovative ideas to reuse the unwanted gifts. Won’t you be sharing it with me? I guess, yes, you will be happy to share your valuable insights with me on my FB, Twitter or G+ Page as the same will be precious for all of us including me. I will be eagerly waiting for your response and opportunity to know more..

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