Never make it larger than the day itself – It’s Thanksgiving, keep it simple

A day in a year as Thanksgiving is certainly important and wonderful which teaches us to be humble and show our courtesy and to be thankful to God as well as everyone around us. So, a day which is not only special for all of us but also brings an additional expense to our pockets. Almost everyone thinks of this day much in advance and start planning in terms what needs to be done to make this day a fun filled and enjoying one.


Thanksgiving gift ideas

A variety of festive ideas are there in market to make your Thanksgiving Day more special and enjoying with friends and family.

Though the market is full of ideas and different variety of gifts for Thanksgiving but I always make it a point that whatever gift I pick up has to be special as well as to the liking of the person whom you gift it to. An awesome Thanksgiving meal is something which is a usual pattern and everyone would like this culture to be followed to the core.

In market there are gifts like fresh fruits hamper, assorted cookies which are perfect for this season, Dark chocolates for chocolate lovers, dessert dishes, energy saving slow cookers, decorative turkey, cakes, pumpkin bouquet, Little pumpkin pies, Table center pieces, Etches pumpkins which are beautiful to look at, Table decorative grocery  and much more.

Easy and quick drinks to welcome guests

I would always choose something that goes with the current season and soothes to tastes. It is not only easy on pocket but is on every ones taste buds.

So, how many of us like cranberries and the answer will be a majority if yes. To make it more the easier let’s put it in this way that cranberries are actually an important part of Thanksgiving meal. One may try a variety of things from this tiny, tangy and sweet fruit whether to compliment the turkey which is the most important food of the day or these cranberries can add glare to cocktail glasses. This is a seasonal fruit which is in abundance during this time and one may use these fruits for:

In a Sparkling Pear Crane berry cocktail which is a fresh, light and refreshing drink for the guests to enjoy before the meal? This amazing welcome chiller is a great mix of pear juice, champagne and crane berry juice and offers a great taste and is refreshing too.

Cranberry Rosemary Sangria cocktail which is not only easy to prepare but also a feast for eyes as it looks so beautiful. A quick cocktail with a food mix of fresh cranberries, rosemary, small dices of apples, grape juice and bottle of Pinot Gerogio is easy to make and takes less than 5 minutes.

The Yazitini cocktail drink which is a delight for all vodka lovers which gets a unique tangy fruit taste with this and it is a great holiday drink to savour the mood of guests

These drinks are easy to make requires no expertise as well as easy on pocket.

thanksgiving menu

Now when it comes to the main course meal always keep few things in mind

  • Easy do it yourself recipes
  • Include and take advantage of seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • keep in mind Turkey, Pumpkin and Crane berry
  • Make extra but not too much
  • Take help of ready to cook items readily available and easy to grill or roast to save time and energy

I simply do not miss out any single opportunity to wish and thank anyone and this day makes it more than happening for me to people who matter the most in my life. So, whether it be through something that makes them smile as a token of thanks to express my love for the care they have shown to me or a feast which make their taste buds delighted it matters a lot to me.

So, what are you thinking or planning about this Thanksgiving to make it special for people who matter to you. Whatever you do make them feel special and offer the warmth through your heart and words.

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