Never invest your finances in smokes and pipes – just try to quit it for better days of life

Once again my friends, the great day November 20, American Smokeout day is coming to remind me how I quit smoking! It was a revolutionary action for me because it nearly thought for several years on daily basis that it is the last day for me but it never happened. Cigarettes do not only cost the money of your wallet but also the secrets to our pink health which matters the most for me, personally speaking. There have been sleepless nights with regular coughs and agitated skin which was the primary reason for me to quit it finally. Are you willing to quit smoking? Have you spent thousands of dollars till date in cigarette packets? If yes, just choose this date to quit it and add something special to your society and health!

great american smokeout How depleting finances ruined my life?

Guys! Smoking is not just a habit but it acts as a severe addiction for human beings. It will cost your health and money too, at the same time but on steady basis. See, if you are ready to smoke, you will definitely spend some cash to buy it. On general basis, I smoked at least 10 cigarettes a day which was not a great economic burden for me at the start and I simply enjoyed it. It was a matter of joy, happiness, forgetting emotions and life tensions but I didn’t know it would give me the biggest worry at the end. It was nearly 10 years I spend mu precious earnings into buying fresh packets of cigarettes and it continued to empty cash in speedy manner.

That was the time when I thought I could not stand up to depleting finances and chosen the great date of American Smokeout day to quit this addiction. No, it was not so easy and convenient for me; neither was it going to be a pleasing experience but I had to quit it. Finally, I did! I calculated and it was shocking to me that I could buy a new automobile for my family if I would have invested an equal amount other than just for smokes and pipes!

Are you aware of health demerits of smoking?

Well, one of the leading demerits of smoking is the onset of lung cancer which is going to finally kill you. Surprised, don’t be. Just get ready to know more secret endings to this harmful addiction. As per the latest research done on smoking habit and purchasing power of human beings, it was concluded that this futile world spends more than $2 million on just cigarettes. I was bewildered to note such things for which I was also a contributing agent which drained my money to waste things. People often don’t think about the consequences of what they really do in real life but the health industry knows the original costs to such smoking habits. Smoking has also been linked to poor skin quality, hair loss, and increased expenses on your health issues and of course; frequent chest pains.

steps to quit smoking

Steps to quit smoking

I could possibly tell you the right process of quitting smoking habit as I was the real victim of both, tight money and poor health.

  • Set the final date of quitting like American Smokeout
  • Inform your family members and supporting guys.
  • Get distracted of everything which can remind you of cigarettes such as shops, smokers, ash trays and even advertisements depicting the harmful effects of smoking!
  • Work hard to deal with withdrawal symptoms – essential step in quitting smoking!
  • Get back to your normal life with benefits of pink health.

Well, this story might be inspiring for someone and useless for others. Have you decided to quit smoking or are you the successful person in this field? Just inform me about the quitting process and add more awareness to society!

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