Can you grab a lucrative job through social media?

Gone are the days when social networking websites were only used for sharing images and chatting with friends. The emergence of Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and other social networking websites have changed the way in which people used to search jobs previously. You can build networks and connect with powerful people for getting jobs. However, if you’re unable to use these social networking websites properly, then your chance of getting a job will be zero.

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Sharing sleazy images in Facebook or getting involved in ugly fights with someone in twitter is not good for your career. You won’t get calls for job interviews.

Social media is a powerful platform. You need to use it really carefully to grab a lucrative job. Check out the following tips to use social media for shining in your career.

1. Make a smart and professional profile: Create an interesting profile in the social media. Update all the important information about yourself. Mention your academic qualification. If you have past job experience, then don’t forget to mention it in your profile. The recruiters do give special importance to this.
2. Refrain from using slangs: It has become a trend to swear or use slangs in the social media. This is perfectly fine for the people who are not looking for a job, but not for you. Avoid making a bad comment in Facebook or Twitter.
3. Connect with others in the right way: Don’t throw your attitude in the social media. Don’t think you’re the only person who knows his job. Share your comments carefully. Always try to approach people politely.
4. Be short and simple: You don’t have to share an article in the social media. Neither does the recruiter have the time to read your article. Post short and simple message to the recruiter. Mention in your message that it was great to meet up with him. If he wants to collaborate with you in future, then you’d be more than happy to work with him.
5. Join relevant groups: Participate in those communities that would help you get news and updates about jobs. Join groups where you can network with people who can really help to serve your purpose. For instance: Joining a cooking community would not be of any use when you’re looking for a job in designing. lucrative jobs

Try to follow the communities of small business, design firms, multi-national companies, etc. Look out for the advertisements for job seekers. Make no delay in connecting with the right people. Who knows, you can get a job with a fat pay check.

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