Green home – 3 Smart tips to save dollars and environment

Be prepared to spend more if you’re planning to purchase a green home. Various factors determine the amount you’ve to pay for buying a green home. However, figures state that home buyers spent 9 percent more on green homes rather than the traditional homes. Everyone wants to purchase a green home. Buyers just want to possess an energy efficient home. Nevertheless, buyers don’t realize that they end up spending a fortune on a home, which is not that energy efficient.

If you’re determined to purchase a green home, then go through the article to know about some smart home buying tips.

Green homes- Smart tips to save dollars Green home buying tips

Just like you research before purchasing anything, you should do your homework to save both your wallet and environment.

1. Work with a real estate agent who sells eco-friendly home:

Consult a real estate agent who actually sells green or eco-friendly homes to the home buyers. If your friend or a relative has purchased a home recently, then ask him to refer you a real estate agent who understands the different aspects of an eco-friendly home. You can work with a real estate agent who has received green certification. However, making a decision based on green certification is not right. There are several real estate agents who have good knowledge and experience on green homes without any certification.

2. Find out the actual signs of an eco-friendly home:

You can easily locate a real estate agent by looking at the double pane windows and air-conditioning system. However, there are certain other things which you need to check as well. For instance: the insulation system of the house. This is important as it can potentially help you reduce your expenses on utility bills easily. Go through the previous utility bills. You may be able to know about the energy consumption from those bills. Don’t make your decision solely on the basis of the utility bills for a lot depends upon the human behavior too. Ask the seller to provide you with the green certification.

3. Inspect the property carefully to determine your expenses:

Look at the land surrounding the property. Find out if the green home is getting enough sunlight and air. This will affect your heating and air conditioning cost. Other than that, see if there is enough water supply. If there is a scarcity of water, then you need to forget about planting beautiful non-native plants. These plants will need more water to remain green throughout the year.

You’ve to maintain the property throughout the year. Your job is simply not complete after purchasing a house. So, plant only those trees which will need least maintenance.

Usually, home buyers buy green homes from sellers who care about the environment. Engage into a hearty conversation with the seller. This would help you enhance your knowledge about environment and how to take proper care of green homes. Ask various types of questions to the seller or the real estate agent. This would help you gain enough knowledge about the green home. Go online and do a little bit of research on the seller also. You’ll know is the seller is a fraudster.

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