Enjoy this Halloween with your dear ones without spending much

Halloween is the kick start of the festive season and hence it’s time to plan your budget wisely for the festivals, so that you can enjoy but without making hole in your pockets. Few important budget friendly ideas are mentioned below which you can follow to add your special touch to the festival without spending much:


When it comes to buy a gift for your near and dear ones, then you have to be very specific so that your gift can please them as well as your pocket too. So, you can go online and check out for the best deals available in the market and then simply grab the best one after comparing.

However, you can also try simple and attractive DIY gift items at your home to please your dear ones. These kinds of gifts are budget friendly and your lovely care will give them a pretty look too. As for example just have a look at the image below:

halloween special

Halloween special

This lovely flower vase is made up of an empty whisky bottle and we have added some paper craft to it in order to make it colorful. We have done a bit interior decoration too by sticking some handmade paper crafts to the surrounding walls of the flower vase as well.


After the gift items, now we will be moving to the decoration part, which includes the decoration of your house to please your guests. First of all, lets gather all the unused stuffs of your house at one place so that you can make proper utilization of all those. As you all know that pumpkins, ghosts, spiders, skeletons etc. are the most important parts of today’s decoration. So, you can use your expired make up, remaining paints etc. to decorate your curtains, fridge doors, table mats and so on by simply drawing different characters on them. You can also place a face of one or two ghosts behind your transparent curtains to create a feel of the Halloween atmosphere. Draw eyes, nose and lips on the trees of your garden to give it a Halloween touch. Use your flower pots to create faces of ghosts. Give your pumpkins a totally different look by applying some paint on those and later by adding some glitters which you have removed from your old dresses. While placing your pumpkin at a specific place after drawing the face on it just attach a hukka pipe in the mouth portion to give it a royal touch. Next, put an empty whisky bottle over the head of a pumpkin to give it a drunk look.

Halloween Costume:

After finishing the decoration, now it’s time to spend few hours on your Halloween costumes. So, here you can go simple by just applying a bit of red color on your face. Or just simply stick few colorful balloons on your dress and consider yourself as a bunch of colorful moving grapes. You can also apply white color on your face and then highlight your chicks, lips and eyes with the help of your make up. Or just simply create any face of ghost, pumpkin, spider or anything else on your dress by painting or by cutting your dress just like we do while paper craft.

After finishing all these works don’t forget to check out the stock clearance sale of Halloween items on stores and grab some interesting deals at a very low price. You can stock these last minute purchased items to use for the next festival.

Now, you are all set to rock the Halloween party with your dear ones, so let’s enjoy.

Halloween party

Halloween party

Halloween is a great day to enjoy and have fun with your dear ones. However, don’t forget to be tricky, so that you can enjoy but without spending too much.

Last but not the least, after the Halloween is over just make sure to recollect all your decorations and keep those aside for the next festival. Moreover, don’t throw your pumpkins and try to reuse them. Few simple uses of pumpkins are listed below, please have a look:

♣Try out the different yummy recipes of pumpkins.

♣Use it as a bird-feeder.

♣Use it as serving bowls.

♣Apply it on your face as a mask to relax.

♣Dry pumpkin skins into chips for snacks.

♣Use pumpkins as serving bowls.

♣Use them to decorate your gardens and home for next festival. Especially you can use them to decorate your thanks giving table.

♣If you are not much fond of eating pumpkin’s seed then store the same and plant them into your garden during the spring so, that you will have a stock of pumpkins available for the next Halloween and hence you will be able to save a bit more.

Mantra: Live well and spend less without compromising the joy of your celebrations.

We are sure that all of you are aware of many more budget friendly tips which will increase the happiness of the festive. Please share your tips too with us in our FB page, so that our readers can learn from you and enjoy.

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