Worst day of my shopping life – avoid nonsense practices while shopping on Black Friday

Is it essential to spend more money than speculated budget in holiday season? Does it make any sense? Well, I don’t think so because my experience with Black Friday shopping was really poor as I was not fully prepared and committed to the latest trends follow-ups. Just imaging this excellent time is the same day people go for endless shopping and generate sales over millions of dollars in just 24 hours! Such is the aura of Black Friday which definitely teaches us something but we simply reject to learn.


Beware of seller strategies

You will be really surprised to know that most of the shopping in such holiday seasons is done as per the mindset of shopping marts. Surprised! The sellers and biggest business modules get ready to develop strategies well months before Black Friday so that consumers are allured to the massive discounts and offers available on the stores. It is just about getting attracted towards darkness with known fact that you have no lights to illuminate the streets! They know your office schedules, way of shopping, and trend of impulse shopping and above all; you will come up to the stores with your kids, which is definitely a bad idea as I did previous season. This is possibly the reason why I am here, illustrating the common pitfalls in Black Friday shopping while many people think of huge savings.

Friends, everything is futile here! I will show you how I got fooled with such amazing offers and market strategies so that you can avoid these mistakes on your part.

Leave your kids at home

One of the first mistakes I committed on Black Friday shopping day is that kids were with me at the shopping stores. Shops will offer you everything for seduction of children – right from the chunky turkey to millions of toys that must be purchased for naughty kids. Simply leave your kids to your home if you are really interested in saving some money for the next holiday season!

Shop your items when no one comes to store

The best time to shop for your favorite items is early morning hours, just before the sunrise when your neighbors are still asleep. The busy shopping hours run from 6 am to late night which must be avoided. Just forget your slumber and get ready with your bank balance to bring excellent products to your home, which I never did till date.

Align your retailers with massive deals on card

One of the greatest problems which I encountered previous year was visiting the stores on
random basis which definitely affected my time, money savings and budget. You should try to locate and align your retailers at least 2 to 5 days before Black Friday which will surely give a pleasant buying experience. Shopping is indeed a mind game which needs your brain nerves and blood circulation to be vibrant and active.

Prefer online shopping

Saving money on Black Friday shopping times will be much easier if you prefer online platforms and retailers for your favorite products like electronics, kitchen accessories, clothes and apparel for improved monetary benefits and excellent offers. Time has changed, guys to a digital state where brick-and-mortar shops are items of the past.

Don’t be stupid, just buy what your family really needs

I am not alone in this common section of impulse buying but I have seen many people spending bucks like flowing water in getting things that could be purchased in the next season. These are stupid things which will never allow saving money for future uses rather you will be empty in just 2 shopping hours on Black Friday!

Do you think you have committed similar mistakes? Or, you were the wiser one with minimal buying requirements and maximum money savings? Just let me know and give unbiased comments!

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