Valentine’s Day: What a Woman might expect from her Husband in a Frugal Way?

Within next few days Valentine’s Day will knock the door of our hearts, though women like me who are in living relationships & crossed many milestones in life, yet this day is still very special & means a lot to us. Those teenage days are gone when I used to receive multiple proposals in a day, I know many hearts […]

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What My Dad Has Taught Me – His Intellectual Contribution in My Life

Though my parents were separated, I and my sister spent two weekends every month with our father according to the contract made between my parents. We spent beautiful time together. Today all I can say is that I have the most caring parents of the world yet it was my bad luck that we couldn’t stay together. Nevertheless, I regularly […]

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Why don’t you declare your financial freedom this Independence Day?

Declare your financial freedom on this independence day

What is the significance of Independence Day in your life? What does it actually mean to you and how will you describe it in a single sentence? To me, Independence Day is the day of inspiration. And the reason behind saying so is the fact regarding my blog. Even, today also I remembered the date 4th July, 2012 when for […]

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11 mind blowing frugal ideas of a single mom to make Memorial Day weekend a memorable one

Memorial day weekend fun

Knock knock! It’s me, Memorial Day weekend.. I’m very much excited to meet you all after such a long time and I’m sure that the same condition is applicable for you all too. Yes, you are right. Memorial Day weekend is already knocking our doors and I’m damn excited about it. So, planned to share my insights with you all […]

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Mother’s Day Special from DebtFarewell – Revisited the money & financial lessons taught by my mom

Mom's money management lessons

On the auspicious occasion of Mother’s Day, this is my heartfelt tribute to my dearest mom. My mom – the best teacher I know ever, taught me each and every lesson of life that helps me to sail the lifeboat even in adverse situation. My mom was a single mom; she has brought both me and my sister all alone […]

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